Historical Background

The Khedai hegemony became aware of the existence of humanity in 2013 CE, when a long-range survey ship remapping the stars of the Orion sector detected patterned radio emissions from Earth. The ship entered the Sol system and spent several years performing covert observation, before returning to the nearest major khedai settlement at Vidaruun.

The Hegemony soon realized that immediate intervention was necessary, so a large-scale expedition of conquest was assembled as quickly as possible. Advance scouts returned to the Sol system in 2022, and the main expedition arrived in 2040. Hegemony forces began rapid industrial development of the outer solar system, centering their activities on Jupiter, in preparation for the Conquest of Earth.

At the time of the expedition’s arrival, Earth was not in good condition. A series of disasters, both natural and man-made, had done serious damage to global society. Many humans feared civilization might be about to break down entirely, leading to ecological collapse and the extinction of humanity. Under the circumstances, no one was in a position to notice the arrival of the khedai. A few human scientists had just begun to realize that something strange was happening out in the Solar System, when the Conquest began in September 2044.

The Conquest took less than six months to complete. In terms of absolute numbers of dead, it was the bloodiest military conflict in human history. A little less than 100 million human fatalities can be attributed to combat or economic disruption as a direct result of the invasion. In relative terms, however, the Conquest “only” claimed the lives of about 1% of the human population, and can be considered less serious than the Mongol conquests or the Second World War.

After the Conquest, there was a period of roughly forty years during which Hegemony rule was consolidated over Earth. By the end of the twenty-first century, conquered human society had settled into its current form. The “present day” of the setting is second half of the twenty-third century, circa 2250-2300. During this period, human society on Earth continues to develop and prosper under khedai rule, while the first humans begin to travel the stars aboard Hegemony ships.

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