As of this evening, I'm officially "rolling out" the Sharrukin's Archive site for the first time. The basic structure of the site is in place, and I've already posted about 20 kilowords of content:

  1. The Architect of Worlds page now consists of an outline of the planned sourcebook. As I write content for each section, I'll post that content to the site and replace outline headings with links to the content. That way, as the draft approaches completion, the outline will become rich with links to its various sections.
  2. The Human Destiny page now hosts the current setting "bible," with references to GURPS rules material. I'll be adding to this too, and posting short fiction and excerpts from ongoing novel-length projects, but for now there's about 10 kilowords of content here.
  3. Under Free Articles and Fiction, I've posted two full-length world-building articles that originally appeared in the Sharrukin's Palace writing blog.

I realize that this structure is not going to be as easy to follow as a blog (although hopefully it will be easier to find content this way). I think I've set up an RSS feed for the site-updates page, so you can use that to keep abreast of new content as I post it. I'll also point out major revisions to existing content as those happen.

Meanwhile, if reader feedback becomes significant, I have options for building (e.g.) a small forum for the site as well. We'll see what happens.


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